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Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

While planning for seaside vacations one has to spare an idea about traveling the most famous seaside of Maharashtra named the Juhu seashore. Juhu is a town in Mumbai and many of our Bollywood celebrities are living around it. It is likewise one of the maximum famous locations for movie taking pictures. It is frequently visited by way of the people of Mumbai to loosen up after an extended stressful week. Tourists from all over the USA additionally visit this beach to experience its scenic beauty and peaceful surrounding. The view of the sundown from the seaside is simply dream-like and mesmerizing. The seaside could be very well related to all the approaches of transportation.

uhu Beach Mumbai

The greatest enchantment of the seashore is an experience on the carriages pulled by horses. These carriages display people the whole view of the beach best for a small rate. There also different points of interest for the vacationers like the dancing monkey, numerous toys for kids and there are numerous educated people who organize acrobatics display for the visitors. One can spend hours on the beach being attentive to the sound of the waves and playing the satisfactory breeze within the night. The meals enthusiasts can indulge inside the yummy street meals of the seaside which specializes in Sevpuri, Bhelpuri and of the path the Pani Puri.

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